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Johnson House Painting

A Painter for Minnesota

Professional interior & exterior home painting contractor
serving the Twin Cities metro area.

Interior Painting

Rather than being solely a utility, a good interior paint job brings character and life to the walls of your home. Our professional interior painting services are a combination of art and contemporary design. By hiring Johnson House Painting for your next internal paint project, you’ll increase the attractiveness and value of your home.

Some Modern Textures We Use

  • Knockdown or skip trowel – one of the most popular textures in the U.S. Knockdown textures can be used on ceilings and walls. Used frequently in mid- to high-end homes.
  • Popcorn or acoustic – a well-known, heavy texture that is usually used on ceilings. It hides imperfections well and helps to deaden sound.
  • Flat or smooth – a simple, uncluttered and economical texture with crown molding that stays in style for a long time.

We are experienced in solving a variety of home painting dilemmas, including water damage restoration, home sale preparation, makeovers or even just touch-ups. We work with virtually any type of paint, even providing low- or no-VOC products for chemically sensitive or allergic clients.

We expect that you will have a unique set of needs, budget and circumstances. We promise to work with you in a conscientious and professional way. We’ll help you find the right color and drywall texture for your own special tastes. It’s your home – we just want you to be happy with our results long after we have left.

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