Your Home’s Greeting
to the Community

Customized and Premium Exteriors

A well-painted exterior is your family’s greeting to the community. But it’s not just good for your social life; it also protects your valuable housing investment from the elements.

Johnson House Painting provides many types of exterior painting services. We take into consideration longevity, protection and aesthetics.

Since exterior walls and surfaces are exposed to the elements, we choose a primer that serves as a binding layer and we closely match it to the finishing paint. That way, porous, exposed surfaces like concrete or wood allow paint to firmly adhere to the surface.

For wood surfaces prone to mold and mildew, we thoroughly prepare the area and use mildew resistant paints so the walls stay clean looking and protected, even over many years.

Whatever your exterior home painting needs may be, we’re ready to help you. As a skilled application of makeup can help a person’s countenance, a great external paint job creates a beautiful, long-lasting impression to your home.

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